Blocking a domain with Adguard

As part of my Kagi subscription, I must use their Safari Web Extension to redirect search requests to their website. A recent update to their extension broke the redirect, meaning a good proportion of my search traffic leaked my data even more than usual.

I decided to block the search engine I was less keen on to mitigate the issue while the Kagi team worked on a more long-term solution.

Assuming you have Adguard Home installed, blocking a domain and all of its subdomains is as easy as adding a new rule to your “custom filtering rules”.

# Block and all of its subdomains

Comments are prefixed with a ! or #, and the || signifies we want to block this resource. For more info on the blocklist syntax, check out the GitHub Wiki.

At the time of writing, Kagi has rolled back its extension and will release 2.0 at a later date. While this isn’t great, I’d still recommend checking out their search offering.