I am a polymath and autodidact with an insatiable curiosity and strong desire to learn, grow, and make things better. I have a background in Physics and have worked in tech as a CTO and CPO with the aim of freeing people from tedious tasks that take up their precious time.

I was born in a hospital in a port town named Plymouth in the southwest corner of a tiny island known as Great Britain.


My childhood was typical of many tiny humans around that time and in that place. We weren’t particularly well off but had a roof over our heads, hot and cold running water, food on the table every evening, and access to a decent education a short walk from our family home; a home my parents owned thanks to the readily available debt banks offered at the time.

When I turned 18, I left Plymouth to study Physics at Cardiff before landing in Cambridge where I found myself writing code at a startup. I loved the endless stream of problems to solve with a small team of smart, similarly motivated individuals.

When our London-based startup decided to close the satellite office in Cambridge’s beautiful science park, I chose to relocate to London exchanging duck-filled ponds for the bustling piazza of Covent Garden.

From there, I went on to found a couple of startups, build a few teams, and raise seven-figure sums from world-class investors.

At the time of publishing this page, I will be 38 years old.1 Given we each have roughly 4000 weeks to explore the immense puzzle we’re born into, I’m roughly 49% of the way through my adventure.

In my 38 years, I’ve traveled thousands of kilometers across the surface of Spaceship Earth, including visiting North America and several countries in Europe. While that distance may sound immense, in that same amount of time, every one of us has traveled over 5684 million kilometers just by standing still on this enormous rock that we call home as it slowly spins, trapped in the gravity well of our host star, Sol.

Our sun along side each of its solar masses

I love to learn and accumulate information, I work hard to overcome limitations, I’m introspective and appreciate intellectual conversations, I’m strategic, a good conversationalist, and I love to connect with others.

My most positive memories come from moments of curiosity, creativity, excellence, adventure, and influence.

I have a loving partner, two border collies, and a small cat named Dawkins.


  1. The calculations on this page are dynamic, but the calculations are performed during deployment when most of the code is converted to static markup. This page was last updated 2024/07.