My name is James Conroy-Finn, and I'm a fractional CTO and startup coach passionate about ethical and sustainable innovation.

I share some of the code I write, love listening to music, and occassionally upload photos of my adventures with my Border Collie, Charlie.



I have a background in Physics, and love to wrestle with questions like why is it so quiet out there, do black holes really contain singularities, and is it missing mass or missing Physics behind dark matter.

I'm a keen philosopher and a huge admirer of Ancient Greek concepts such as areté and eudaimonia. My interest has inspired me to give talks on the Philosophy of Happiness and Crafting Excellent Onboarding Processes.

My top five CliftonStrengths are learner, input, achiever, intellection and strategic, and I value curiosity, creativity, excellence, adventure, and influence.

Work with me

I'm available for coaching and fractional CTO work via my company, Invetica, which I founded in 2016 to help startups and their teams build a better future.

If you're interested in having me speak about happiness and wellness, software engineering, or scaling startups, please drop me an email.